Small Business

Punchout? eInvoicing? EDI? Oh my!
It's okay. We've got this. For 15 years we've been making punchout easy for small suppliers like you.


Your own storefront

Full B2B ecommerce functionality, including custom catalogs and pricing for each buyer, all built by us and hosted on our secure server.

Room to grow

Connect any number of buyers and e-procurement platforms, now and - with Compatibility Assurance - in the future.

Options for your budget

Start small with eStore-Connect Express - or dive right in with our advanced eStore-Connect service.

Personal Support

One-on-one help from experts who have taken the time to understand you and your business.

Featured small business supplier

" You should know that I speak very highly of the Supplier Solutions team to both clients and internal Spiral staff. The expertise and quick response to service needs that you bring make launching these new connections quite easy (dare I say enjoyable). I am confident that when we are approached for a new connection that we are able to go above and beyond our customer's expectations making their task of bringing on new suppliers much easier."

- Michael Bossard, Integrated Marketing Manager at

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