So I talk about this a LOT, probably so much that the team is often sending IMs to one another saying "SMH here he goes again" while we're on weekly calls. Y…

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SaaS Growth and Pudding

It's Thursday and I'm already day dreaming of Friday. Can I get a heck ya on that one!? Okay, now that we've got that out of the way I was reading another in…

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Data Analytics, Suppliers, ERPs, Oh My!

There are many things I hear often; "What's your availability this week?", "Am I on mute? Can you hear me now..........?", "Hey dad, I'm hungry." Read More →

Monday morning sillyness

Okay, so I may or may not have, but probably did; OKAY OKAY I did waste 15 minutes on this twitter page. Enjoy fellow coders!

Check it out …

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Congrats to our friends at Workday!

A dear friend of mine is the CEO of a ~billion dollar medical supplies company who has managed to grab this honor SEVEN TIMES! So, I have some idea of what i…

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Get Vertical

If you're following the eProcurement industry chatter you're no doubt hearing the discussions about verticalization with in the p2p solutions on the market t…

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Epicor pushing paper? Not if they can help it!

With Sciquest's Jan 2017 acquisition of DocStarIt it's clear that Epicor is transitioning themselves to go paperless or at least to help its buyers and supp…

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Trusting people saves money?

In this article by Tara Tyan, David Hearn is quoted as saying " Not because people bough…

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Going Live

We're days away from launching this new site; a long overdue update perhaps. Though, we have been so fortunate that our customers and our references have spo…

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