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Keep It Super Simple

Joshua Self September 30, 2017

So I talk about this a LOT, probably so much that the team is often sending IMs to one another saying “SMH here he goes again” while we’re on weekly calls. Yet here I go again, but THIS time I have a really interesting article based on data collected in a survey by our friends at Epicor. What they found was that as little as 36% of decision makers among some 2400 respondents understood what a Software-as-a-Service was; never mind, when we flippantly roll “saas” of our tongues. I mean, I get it, we know this stuff inside and out. At times we take that for granted.

So i found it interesting that according to the survey 42% of the folks weren’t familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT). Terms like Machine Learning? Only 38% said they were familiar. How about 3D Printing? Nope, now we’re down to 28% who were familiar with it (or had even heard of it). These folks are rightly focused on running their businesses and if we “hip” all the techno-jargon and buzzwords they’re eyes are going to glaze over. That said, they absolutely understand that technology is key to their success. 88% of those business which were considered fast growing saw IT as crucial compared to the weak-growth businesses of which only 44% saw IT as crucial.

For me, this was a reminder that having a strong IT resource, particular in specialty areas like B2B eCommerce, which relies heavily on heavily nuanced integrations using all sorts of transport methods, document types and technical business rules, is paramount for businesses looking to maintain or grow. It also reminds me that when we talk to our customers about these heavily technical, intricate technologies and the equally complex business processes we must do an exemplary job of Keeping it Super Simple!!

This way Suppliers can focus on doing what they do best, serving their customers and we’ll handle all the techno-mumble-jumble on the back end to make these punchout, ePO, eInvoicing and back office integrations work. I digress, back to debugging an ASN to the OSN via HTTPS POST in cXML and then to the OCI 5 Roundtrip JSON ST on the IIS box. Wait? What?!?!? :)